You’re getting older, and you’ll see that life isn’t like your fairytales. The world is a cruel place. And you’ll learn that, even if it hurts. Pan’s Labyrinth. (via elsske)

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Good moms have minds of their own. 
My little love
When you’re having one of those days as a parent



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Types of people who romanticize small town life:

  1. People who didn’t grow up in small towns

I actually miss my small town. Now that I’m gone, I know how lovely it truly is!

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live life like a plant. absorb the sunlight, listen to the birds, and root yourself. even when pieces of you wilt, continue to grow and thrive! drink lots of water and bloom into whatever you want to be!!

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She took my glasses and this was the result…lol
Showing me her treasures!
You are my most tangible joy <3
I love her sweet face!
I’m finally ready

We are starting the gentle weaning process from the breast. Please don’t say I’m forcing it or anything like that but I need to get my health in check. I’ve been having horrible headaches, stomach issues, and I’m getting a bit down actually. The best way to help madi and myself is to start the process. We are down to night feeds but with her feeding all night, neither of us are sleeping or happy at all. And she’s not nursing due to hunger, just because it’s there. Please share supportive words. What was your process like if you weaned?

She is 12 almost 13 months and naturally cut out her day feeds and she’s on cows milk, whole fat.

My one year old knows how to hold a pen?! Omg!!!
Sweet girl :)
She’s the very coolest!